“If you can help anybody, I say go for it. It’s an amazing thing, it’s an amazing gift.”

– Devon W., Two-Time Surrogate

- Amanda, TX.

“The best gift I could give!”

I heard about Gestational Surrogacy about 5 years ago. I thought it was an amazing idea and it was great to give the gift of a baby to a family. At the same time, I had so many questions about the journey and the requirements, so I postponed it. A couple of years ago, after having my second child, the idea came back to me, as I enjoy being pregnant and I wanted to give the gift of life to someone who can’t carry a baby on their own.

I discussed the idea with my husband, and he agreed! I started researching information and requirements, and finally I found a great agency to work with. The experience was amazing! Of course, there were a few bumps along the way, but I felt so happy to see that I could gift my Intended Parents their own baby. I can tell you, that’s the most rewarding thing of the journey.

“The most amazing experience of my life!”

Just completed my first surrogacy journey and this has been the most amazing experience for myself and my husband. The process was smooth and enjoyable. I was always being checked on by my Surrogacy Agency and felt like I could ask any questions or voice any concerns. My case managers were absolutely amazing, and extremely supportive.

I highly recommend anyone planning her first surrogacy journey, to find a good agency to work with, because this will give you peace of mind in so many ways. I can tell you, it’s a great experience and you will enjoy every step of the journey.

- Maggie, CA.

- Jasmine, CA.

“Why not?”

I had thought long and hard for many years about surrogacy but often wondered if I were brave enough. I finally said to myself why not? Life is too short… There are many couples out there who wish to start a family and why not be the one to help them do so. I wanted to share the wonderful experience of pregnancy and birth with those who simply cannot have it for themselves.

Having the support from friends and family; the ones who mean the most to you, made me feel stronger and prouder of myself. The journey was incredibly wonderful to have all the support I needed. What made it even more special was hearing from the intended parents throughout my journey-knowing how much I “was truly appreciated and how happy they were, made me feel so honored and blessed! In the end, my journey was simply about giving life.

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