How is It Like to Become a Surrogate?

Becoming a Surrogate is a big decision in your life, because you will give a person or a couple the opportunity to have a child and build their own family. This is a generous decision, and we’re thankful for it. Giving this kind of gift takes a very special person because helping others goes beyond the Intended Parents and the child. Your experience as a surrogate will provide joy both for you, your family and others who share this journey.

This amazing journey will change your life and will fill you with pride and satisfaction.

What Does the Process Look Like?


b. You will complete an application that checks whether you meet the primary qualifications to become a Surrogate with us. Then, one of our coordinators will contact you to schedule a brief interview. This process also allows you to learn more about our program.


b. After the interview, a pre-screening process will take place that includes a comprehensive review of your pregnancy history and current health status. This is an important step to ensure that you meet the basic surrogacy qualifications. It also ensures that surrogacy is safe and right for you as well as your family.


b. We will align your preferences with those of your prospective Intended Parents to create a match. Once a prospective Intended Parent chooses you, you and your family will have an option to meet the Intended Parents through video calling or in-person meeting.


We will assign an IVF coordinator to instruct and help you with medications use. Throughout the IVF cycle, you will be monitored at a local facility to track progress as you prepare for the embryo transfer. The embryo transfer takes place approximately four weeks after the start of your medication. You will have to bring your support person to the IVF clinic.


Our medical team will closely monitor pregnancy progress and work with you and the Intended Parents to create a birth plan for delivery. This birth plan will be sent to your local hospital’s birth office. All in all, we ensure you and the Intended Parents will focus on the final milestone of your surrogacy journey.

After Delivery Support

After delivery, the Intended Parents will take over the parental responsibilities and bid farewell. You will continue to have access to support groups and psychological counseling for an additional 3–6 months.

As a Surrogate, You Will Give the Greatest Gift

As a mother, you know that bringing a baby into this world is a unique experience. There are Intended Parents who have dreamed of having a family but they’re unable to carry a child on their own due to health conditions that are risky in a pregnancy, or they are single or LGTBQ+ couples. For them, a Surrogate Mother is the only person who can give them hope to achieve their parenthood dreams. That’s why being a Surrogate Mama is so special!
Since this is a very special journey both for Intended Parents and the Surrogate Mother, it is important for both parties to feel happy and confident during the journey. That’s why our case managers are committed to match you with Intended Parents who are looking for someone just like you, with your aspirations and desires. This way, the surrogacy journey will be unique and rewarding.

Who Will You Help?

  • Couples struggling with infertility
  • Women with uterine issues
  • LGBTQ+ parents
  • Single men and women
  • Parents who waited for the right time to have a child

Benefits You Will Enjoy

Working with an agency, Surrogates also receive the following support and services:

  • Counseling throughout the process
  • In-person and online Surrogate support groups and forums
  • A case manager who closely works with you, the intended parents
  • In-house Ob-Gyn care
  • Access to independent attorneys to get advice on contract drafting and negotiation
  • Classes and education programs/seminars
  • Insurance specialist for advices on health insurance and life insurance coverage
  • Nutrition and dietitian support.

Start now!

A journey where you can help your family and earn $43,500 – $60,000 by giving life and helping others create a family. If you need help on how to start, please chat with us.

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